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Meet the creators of BAREEN T-SHIRTS


Meet the creators of BAREEN T-SHIRTS

Our mission is to deliver quality t-shirts while caring about the environment and at an affordable price for everyone. That is what we strive for and spend every day trying to become just a tiny bit better. In order for you to get to know us better, we interviewed ourselves about our screentime, success and how it should be celebrated..

Anthon Louis 29 years old has a marketing degree from Copenhagen Business School. Despite working fulltime at BAREEN T-SHIRT, he also runs a nightclub called Museo, a wine bar named Poldo and restaurant Skindbuksen.

- When do you get up in the morning?

”It varies a lot - it depends on if I have meetings. I try to not have meetings before 09.00 because I am a huge B-person. On the other hand, I really thrive at night - pretty practical as I also work within the nightlife industry.” 

- What was your screen time last week?

”4 hours and 32 minutes... It always changes a lot. Everything from 2 to 7 hours. I am always going somewhere and I use my phone much more than my computer - most of my work is to communicate with people through the phone. Still, I do have periods where Photoshop is the programme that has all my attention.”

- What did you miss most during corona?

”I missed going to restaurants without having a timed schedule for the evening - just to see where the night goes. Meeting people I did not plan to meet. I missed traveling, like the rest of the world. Playing ice hockey and going to the gym. I was so tired of taking the same run every day."  

- Who would you love to see in your t-shirt?

”EVERYONE! But of course it would be insane to see Obama in our classic white t-shirt. Or maybe Kanye in our box fit heavy. I think I will send his agent a couple t-shirts, actually.”

Frederik Moe, 33 years old, is the company's oldest. He is an e-concept developer from Copenhagen Business Academy, part owner of multiple online companies and love to stay active on his racing bike.

- What is the first piece of clothing you were fond of as a kid?

”Has to be my white Adidas superstar, that I had on at my confirmation.”

- What is your favorite item of clothing?

”Turtleneck during winter and a cap during summer.
I also love the classic black hoodie because it fits laying on the couch as much as a night out. I basically always wear our own Elsker sådan set også den klassiske sorte hættetrøje, som bådes kan bruges til hygge i sofaen eller en bytur. Jeg bruger stort set altid vores egne t-shirts underneath on most summer days.”

- What keeps you up at night?

”Not much except my new neighbor who is 22 years old - his night schedule reminds me of Anthon's. I slept like baby before he moved in.” 

- What was your screen time last week?

”1,5 hours on phone and 9 hours on the computer. I guess it sounds a bit sad, but all I do is on the computer and it is probably what I am best at - I am a bit of a geek after all.”

Frederik Pitter 32 years old is a father of 2. Frederik is a doctor and works within the medicinal industry during the day. He has always had a passion for business and studies an HD programme at Copenhagen Business School." 

- What keeps you up at night?

”At the moment it is my youngest child of 3 years old who is doing a great job at keeping me and my girlfriend up. Normally, I am a heavy sleeper, but I can easily be excited or nervous about a new launch of products or a campaign. Then I lay and think of scenarios like: "What if we did this..." og possible solutions to imaginary problems. Thankfully it is never later than 01.00 or 02.00 before I sleep. 

- How did you last celebrate a success?

”I actually cannot remember - it is something I really want to improve! In general, we are too bad at celebrating in our little shop. It is one of the goals of 2022: To be better at setting goals and celebrating when we achieve them - because we actually do quite often. Perhaps it is a job for our nightlife expert to create a night of celebration. 

- What was your screentime last week?

”Uh, 3.5 hours per day. I work a lot on reducing my screentime - I have turned off a lot of notifications in order to have a bit more quiet time. Still, a lot of work is done from my phone when I am traveling back and forth so often. I try to put it away entirely between 17-20 - with mediocre success at the moment."

- What would be a "wow we made it" - moment for you?

”To be recognised outside of Denmark would be insane. When we started out with boxes in our living room it seemed totally unrealistic and unattainable. We probably never expected this to become a "real" company. And it did! So now we have to see what the future brings.

Mathias Rokkjær Klitgaard 32 years old is the CEO of BAREEN T-SHIRT. He has a shipping degree from Copenhagen Business School and is responsible for production and logistics.  

- First piece of clothing that you were fond of?

”An Arsenal jersey that was a gift from my uncle. It has been tough supporting that club for many years."

- What did you miss most during corona?

"Definitely traveling! And to meet other people the way we used to do. I know it can sound a bit "privileged" because there are so many people who are less fortunate than us here in Denmark, but it is what I miss after all.

- Quotes you always return to?

”My grandfather always told me: "You do not fight with the people you care about - that is the most stupid thing to do." - also "If you are in doubt, then there is no doubt at all." Those are two things I ofte carry with me."

- What would be a "Wow, we made it" moment for you?

”I don't think we will ever make it fully. It is going to be a long and hard fight the next many years. But, if we one day hit Nasdaq, then I think we will stop and say "wow".


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