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That's how you style the scandinavian style


That's how you style the scandinavian style

Scandinavian style has become more and more of a fashion trend. But is it the scandinavian beauty we're appealed by or is it their simply aesthetic fashion sense, that makes us wanting to dress like them?

We want to give you a guide on how best to embody the scandinavian style and start by giving you a tip to invest in quality basics. Also wave Adios to (almost daily)outfit - Crisis, because if you own high-quality basic T-shirts in basic colors you can always fall back on them.

The fundamental stuff

Your whole outfit rests on a good foundation. The cool thing is that you can combine your basics with each other and thus have endless variations of outfits. As an example combine our shorts with a Classic Fit T-Shirt or with a Collab T-Shirt

Oversized. Oversized. Oversized

Basic does not equal boring. What makes your outfit extraordinary is the cut of your garment. An oversized basic T-shirt like our Box Fit T-Shirt is the absolute best solution for this. The oversized look gives you a fashionable look without trying too hard and that's what makes the scandinavian style so popular. There is no need for alot, keep it as simple as possible and stick to the quote, less is more. 

Last but not least

Last but not least, stick to plain colors when styling your base and take your outfit to a higher level by embellishing it with colorful accessories. For example, you can combine our shorts in the color mocha with a box fit in light sand and wear bright shoes or a cap with them. 


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