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“In the beginning we just made a basic T-shirt in a good quality. And we still do.”

An uncomplicated classic

The classic T-shirt is a must-have garment for any wardrobe. It’s timeless and basic. Minimalist without making a statement. It works equally well with a pair of sweatpants and under a blazer and you can sleep in it, exercise in it - even party in it.

Elvis Presley had one. Barack Obama has one. You have one. It doesn’t follow fickle fashion trends. It’s a classic, and that’s why it should be treated like a classic.

A T-shirt created out of frustration

BAREEN T-SHIRT is a concept based on frustration. Four friends all finding the same thing – that it was surprisingly difficult to find something as simple as a basic T-shirt that satisfied all the parameters that a good T-shirt should. Price, quality, and fit were never aligned, and if you finally found a T-shirt with the right fit, it would shrink in the wash or the colours would fade. There just was no T-shirt anywhere that combined it all just so. So we looked at each other - and decided to make it ourselves.

Tough beginning taught us the ropes

We started out with all the stock in the room living room, and we all played the parts of director, warehouse worker and general dogsbody. We drove our respective partners mad, but we had a goal, and accepted the harsh words, the occasional bump in the road, and various disagreements with open arms and an open mind. After a long period characterised by low cashflow and dissatisfaction with the end product, something decisive happened. After reviewing endless product samples, sitting through countless meetings with potential partners, sleepless nights and endless negotiations, we found the right manufacturer. In close collaboration with them, we arrived at just the right recipe. We had now produced a T-shirt that we, ourselves, would want to wear every single day. Quality, durability, fit, price - all of the parts combined to a greater whole. The goal had been reached - but now what? The answer is that we will probably never quite get there, but we will keep developing our products and concept.

“We can all agree on a T-shirt”

So, who are we?

We are four friends with very different backgrounds, views, and skills. We often disagree, and we frequently have discussion, but we complement one another. That is because we all have the same driving force and the same goal. And we can all agree on what makes a really good T-shirt. The vision was never to revolutionise the fashion industry or to reinvent anything. On the other hand, we have created a T-shirt that we believe is every bit as good as the best in the market.


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